Welcome to my Website!

Even if I were a cat, I think I’d be pushing the upper limit of the number of lives I’ve been allotted. And I’m not a cat. I’m just a person.

But I can’t help it! My interests are as broad as the “experience” section of my curriculum vitae. I’ve worked on a vineyard, on farms, in gyms, in physical therapy clinics, at universities. I’ve been the bassist, guitarist, and lead singer in bands. I was the MC and accompanist for a burlesque show at a fringe festival in Auckland. I owned my own personal training and Pilates business for awhile. I’ve taught yoga. I was a fellow at the university where I got my MFA (in fiction). I’ve written stageplays; I produced a couple of them. I’ve lectured on Creative Writing at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. I’ve given talks at meetings of the Jane Austen Society of North America and to commemorate the closing of a branch of the Yorba Linda Library. Once, I ghostwrote the literature review, introduction, and conclusion for a doctoral thesis in psychology. I’m sort of working on a musical. I’ve run (actually, more like jogged) a couple of marathons. I’ve been skydiving (never again) and bungee jumping (less terrifying than it seems). I grow my own sprouts on my kitchen counter. I play a bunch of instruments. I like math. I love science. I’ve written a heap of novels. One has been published. 

I guess I just can’t sit still. Ever.

It’s a blessing and a curse. 

This is my website. It contains all my stuff. Because of my aforementioned cornucopia of interests, it probably won’t all seem to go together. The unifying factor is really only me. That’ll have to be enough.